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Personal Security Seminar

Saturday, December 16 | 10:00 am to 3:00 pm | $100 per person
Bring your spouse for free!

Concepts and techniques covered include…

  • Self Defense begins long before your super cool spinning backfist pressure point takedown
  • Learning to think like a Green Beret; develop a plan ahead of time for possible scenarios
  • Special emphasis will be on home invasion scenario, facility attack/terrorism, and security while traveling
  • Why immediate reaction beats specialized technique
  • Why counterattack is your best survival option
  • Techniques will include defense from grabs, holds, locks and strikes. We will also cover weapon disarms.


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Supernatural Wellness Seminar

Saturday, January 27 | Time & Location TBD | $100 per perso

True protectors are tactical athletes and need to train accordingly.
Focus of this seminar will be on developing a lifestyle that supports supernatural health, and maintaining the physical abilities needed to protect life (Yours and others).

Special emphasis given to the following areas…

  • The “Covenant Diet” : What you should be eating and why
  • Avoiding disease by making educated decisions
  • Exploring the best type of exercises to be engaging in
  • Learning how to avoid and work around injury
  • Lots of time devoted to Q and A

This class will be taught by Covenant Defense lead instructor Colby Taylor. In addition to defense and security training, Mr Taylor has an extensive professional background in wellness and fitness.


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Krav Maga Seminar with Israeli Krav International CEO and Top Instructor Master Moshe Katz

Saturday, February 24 | Time & Location TBD | $150 per person, for the day

Once a year we get the privilege of hosting 6th degree black belt instructor Master Moshe Katz from Israel.

Learn the history of Krav Maga and why it is considered among the best combative systems in the world.

Emphasis will be on starting with Krav Maga basics and building on those techniques to develop a legitimate ability to protect oneself in a relatively short amount of time.

Areas of emphasis will include Krav Maga techniques dealing with strikes, terror attacks, multiple attackers and defense against various weapons.


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