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    Open Training: September 7 - November 10. Thursdays @ 6PM
    Protectors Of Life
    Progressive Training For Protection Of Self & Others Around You : Children, Family Members, Anyone In Need

September 7 - November 10, Thursdays 6pm - 730pm.

Covenant Defense Presents

Classes will take place in the basement of Living Hope Assembly of God Church at 3050 South Airport Rd. in Traverse City.

We will be progressively training our participants in techniques relating to self protection as well as protecting other individuals (Children, family members, anyone in need)

Suggested Pricing

$150 for 7 weeks. Add a family member for $100.

$25 per session. $40 for two people.

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Each night will begin with a brief devotional message pertaining to having the right motivation as faith based Protectors of Life. Specific techniques we will cover include:

Suspcious Behavior

Identifying suspicious behavior

Danger Zones

Identifying potentially dangerious places


Escapes from common grabs

Taking Goliath

Fighting off a bigger and stronger assailant


Becoming an effective bodyguard

Repel Weaponry

Defense against guns, knives, and sticks


Winning a fight on the ground

Potential Threat

Prepare and overcome potential threats

The curriculum for these sessions has been developed based on my training experiences which include the following:

  • Israeli Krav Maga training
  • Israeli Counter-terrorism training
  • Israeli and US executive protection training
  • Security training dealing with threatening individuals


Covenant Defense is a faith-based cooperative network and training organization.

Our focus is to empower and equip people with the motivation, knowledge, and skills to preserve independence, protect life, and promote community.

Our motivation comes from the conviction that mankind was created to live in Covenant with God.


3050 South Airport Rd, Traverse City






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You will be able to pay at the event. No one will be turned away for financial reasons. All costs are suggested.