Inspired by Love

Strengthened by Community

Empowered to Protect Life

Mission Statement

Our mission is to facilitate Covenant relationship between God and mankind while defending against disruptive threats.

How Do We
Accomplish This?

Through our interactions with people and the ongoing support of the CDCN we empower people to protect life, preserve independence, engage in our community and embrace Covenant relationship with God.

What We Do

We welcome opportunities to share our passion about what we do and why do it.   We understand that we are somewhat unique in our mission and often the best way to get engaged with us is an interactive discussion.  We have enjoyed invitations to present to churches, schools, and organizations and are happy to fit our presentation to your specific needs and interests.  Subjects we often speak on include threats facing the United States, the role of the Church in our current times, basic awareness and self defense, faith based preparedness, and God’s design for Covenant relationship with us.

We offer weekly self defense classes along with monthly seminars.  We are also happy to customize training specific to your individual or organizational needs.  Our training is a combination of awareness and surveillance, Krav Maga, security concepts, CQB, and defensive firearm skills.

We offer security consulting customized for your organization.  This is provided by Dr. Steven Bucci and Colby Taylor working together to provide an assessment, a plan and implementation of suggested training.

We are excited to partner with our law enforcement community in providing training dealing with topics such as restrain and control techniques, edged weapons, Krav Maga, defensive tactics, CQB, and advanced firearms training.

We have developed our firearms training curriculum to provide skills in the areas that are most needed in self defense situations.  We utilize professional grade airsoft guns in much of our training to create the most realistic and safe environment.  We feel many of the most important skills needed when using a firearm as a defensive tool involve understanding when it is the appropriate tool, weapon retention, proper gear selection, being proficient with movement and blending of martial skills with firearm useage.

This is where you get ongoing support for the skills, the mindset and the community that assists you in staying engaged in the culture we are creating with Covenant Defense.


Defending the Covenant Podcast Series