Additional Training Opportunities


We hold seminars about once a month on specific topics such as defensive firearm skills, trauma medicine, disaster preparedness, nutrition and fitness, growing your own food, and many more relevant topics. Keep an eye on the Upcoming Events page to see what is coming next.

Private Lessons

If you have a specific interest, or just a desire to get some personal attention, we can make arrangements for working with one individual or a small group. Prices will depend on group size and location. Contact us for additional information.

Church Security Consulting

We are passionate about helping local churches create a secure setting for worship and fellowship. Although it's an unfortunate truth, church services are a prime target for terrorist-type activity, and we have spent a great deal of time training on how to best help churches deal with these threats. What we offer usually includes working with the security team in developing plans of action and acquiring skillsets to assist in dealing with disruptive or harmful individuals. As an organization, we are definitely in favor of armed church security; however, we would like to note that many of the problems that could occur in a church setting are not best resolved using a firearm.

We are available to travel to your location and work with your team on site. The cost for our services will depend on location, team size, and customization of the training seminar.

Customized Training

If your needs are not met by any of our training opportunities detailed above and you would like to determine whether we can help you with a specific need, just contact us and let us know what you are looking for. We have worked with schools, small businesses, youth groups, families, and other types of organizations in assisting to develop and refine security and defense protocols. We look forward to helping you wherever and however we can.