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We believe that God has some pretty good ideas of how we are to live out this precious gift of life that we have been given. There has been a strategic effort by the enemy to affect our culture in a way that leads people into habits that will sabotage their lives. The food we eat, the pace at which we live, the manipulation of truth through media sources, and the things we serve besides God would be just a few examples.

With the Covenant Defense Cooperative Network (CDCN), we are desiring to create a community and a culture that would support passionately pursuing Covenant relationship with God in all aspects of life. The CDCN is a source of information, encouragement, guidance, fellowship, networking, teaching, and nurturing. Participants receive video blogs, articles, references, tips, encouragements, and teaching on a weekly basis. Examples of topics would include defensive training, homesteading, current events, group buying opportunities, devotional thoughts, and announcements of upcoming events.

The CDCN also serves as a cooperative in the sense that group buying opportinities are made available to the participants. Relationships are set up with providers of goods and services to give discounts to CDCN participants. The list willcontinue to grow as the network grows, and includes suppliers of goods and services that would be of interest to our participants. Additionally, for CDCN participants, there are discounts on all Covenant Defense-sponsored events and seminars.

The CDCN supports community interaction with a participant only forum. The idea behind this is to create a more private internet community where people can interact with other like-minded individuals. Covenant Defense will not ever have a presence in public social media due to the nature of what we discuss and represent. Contained within the CDCN forum will be a library of the videos and written trainings we produce. There will also be specific forum topics such as fitness, home remedies, gear, survival training, theological discussions, cyber-security, current events, and gear reviews. These topics will be headed up by individuals who are experienced in these respective areas who make themselves available for questions from participants.

The CDCN differs from most other forums and social networking in a few significant ways. Social networking and forums make their money by creating traffic and then selling advertising just as other media sources. We are sustainable by charging members a monthly fee and we feel this does a couple things. For one, it somewhat regulates who will get involved and therefore ensures that participants will be trusted contributors to the community. Public social media carries with it some inherent risks due to the totally public nature and accessibility. Our system would be accessible to participants only. Secondly, most social media and forums provide users with the framework for members and then they sell advertising. With the CDCN, we are providing more training and resources to our participants along with the framework for interaction and community. For those that train with us through seminars or weekly classes these teachings will be a great addendum and review of their skills. For those that are not able to train with us, this will give them opportunities to be learning in a manner that fits into their lives wherever and whenever they choose.

Since we are not funded by advertisers, our sustainability comes from participants investing into the CDCN. A contribution of thirty dollars ($30) a month opens up the benefits of the CDCN to participants. For participants that truly intend to utilize the full potential of the CDCN, they have the potential to get their monthly investment back - and then some - in discounts and referrals.

We desire to grow our network by providing incentive to participants who share the CDCN opportunity with others. Every time a current participant refers someone new to the CDCN, they will have their monthly contribution waived.