Security Consulting

Providing better security for schools, churches, small businesses & local government entities.

Description of Covenant Defense Security Service Packages

This is a full spectrum methodology to allow local entities to provide better security for their staffs, students, customers, and congregations during these sadly dangerous times.

Covenant Defense can provide multiple layers of security preparation that seamlessly integrate hierarchically, or stand alone, as the need of the customer requires. While numbers “1.” and “2.” are recommended at a minimum, all these packages can stand-alone.

1. Assessment (Every organization should go through this sort of assessment). This is done by at least one of our senior security consultants with assistance from other Covenant Defense Team members.

A multi day (normally 2-3 days) observation and data collection effort thru:

  • Staff / leadership interviews, and inspections. (Conducted on site)
  • Review of existing emergency plans (As they now stand – fire, tornados, etc. This is done on site so as not to remove the organizations certifying documentation from the premises.)
  • Develop evaluation (Done off site between our team of experts)
  • Present results (briefing and report) with general mitigation recommendations (Delivered to the organizational leadership, with complete confidentiality.)

2. Mitigation Actions (This is an example of the type of actions we have seen in “normal” situations – it varies from organization to organization depending on facilities, size and prior preparation.)

  • Briefings for Leadership personnel (Takes the assessment mitigation recommendations and fleshes them out further. It will also speak to specific actions needed to be taken by the leaders themselves to add security.)
  • Briefings for Staff (On the present situation and on what needs to be done to add security.)
  • Classes on appropriate actions in emergency situations (Run, Hide, Fight) (This will include classes on the concept of R/H/F and the Israeli version Fight/Fight/Fight. Then it will go beyond the “concepts” to include Q&A and walk thru’s with each staff member to ensure their comfort level with their personal preparations.
  • Mind Set classes (Makes the staff aware of what they can do in the area of mental preparation to ensure they become a part of the solution vice the problem.)
  • Assist with rewrite of plans as needed (Can be done off-site, or on-site together with organizational reps.)

3. Advanced Mitigation Actions (These are excellent actions, but clearly go beyond the bare minimum of preparation.)

  • Classes on potential actions as appropriate (Scaled with organizational leaders, can include self-defense, weapons, Security Team development, etc.)
  • Development of drills (These will be specifically tailored for your organization, and will be designed to be low or no cost actions to develop more security and to maintain it – beyond time and preparation.)
  • Development of a plan for large-scale exercises (These will be designed to provide education and training, not to instill fear. They will lower stress in the long run, not raise it.)
  • Teach drills (This will be aimed at a “Train the Trainer” methodology. That will allow the organization to maintain its own readiness into the future.)
  • Administer Exercises (We will help you conduct an actual active shooter drill in your facility, with your personnel. NOTE: In Churches and Schools, the organizational leadership will make the decision to include students and parishioners, or to just include Staff members.

4. Periodic Reviews

Annual or semi annual checks on progress toward security will be available after the assessments and training.

The goal of all Covenant Defense activities is to provide services that improve security and peace of mind. The avoidance of violence is always the goal, while protecting the innocent from harm. Preparation for trouble is always the best method of avoiding it. The better the mental and physical preparation, the safer we all are.