About Craig Gray : Mentor


As Colby’s martial arts mentor, Craig has a considerable amount of influence and input regarding Covenant Defense, LLC. Craig comes to Traverse City to put on seminars with Covenant Defense several times a year. Craig is the owner/director of Ronin Krav Maga in Grand Rapids. Many of the regular students of Covenant Defense attend Craig’s training opportunities as well. We cannot recommend Craig highly enough. For more information on Craig's Krav Maga organization, please visit www.roninkravmaga.com. Craig’s background is as follows.

Craig Gray combines over 35 years of martial arts experience as instructor, competitor, and student with many real life situations to bring you a program that has a strong foundation, benefiting the beginning and advanced student alike. He treats everyone with respect and is able to help bring out the best in their training. He has black belt and instructor status in numerous traditional and contemporary martial arts and is a certified Krav Maga black belt instructor with Israeli Krav International (IKI). Craig is currently the highest ranking IKI Krav Maga instructor outside of Israel. He is one of only a handful of people in the United States to be able to award rank in the system. Krav Maga is the official hand-to-hand / hand-to-weapon tactical system taught to Israeli military and law enforcement agencies.

He has been featured in numerous professionally-produced videos and other training materials regarding defensive tactics, conflict communications, leadership, and empowerment.

Craig is also a leading authority on innovative Leadership, Life Empowerment, Conflict Management and Tactical Defense. He is a world-class expert in helping people to live more empowered, fulfilling lives while confronting the sometimes serious challenges put forth by today's world. Craig is a speaker, trainer, and Subject Matter Expert (SME) for numerous law enforcement agencies as well as Nationally Syndicated Talk Radio Show Frontlines of Freedom & WZZM TV 13 Web Community. Craig is one of twelve hand-picked instructors with Resolution Group International, a conflict resolution training organization developed for the needs of military, law enforcement, and business organizations. Craig is responsible for creating the MCOLES (Michigan Commission of Law Enforcement Standards)-approved Krav Maga Self Defense for Law Enforcement Training Program. He is a former adjunct instructor for the warrior ethics and hand to hand combatives at the Homeland Security and Protective Services Academy within the Gerald R. Ford Job Corps. Craig also serves as education director for Her Survival Guide, an organization that teaches empowerment skills, risk management, and conflict resolution skills to college-bound girls and their mothers.

Craig's programs can move an audience like few others. He offers memorable presentations, combining outstanding content with inspiration, passion, and flair. He supercharges his audience to take action. Thousands of people find these classes, workshops, and keynote presentations to be enlightening, entertaining, and transformational. Craig's ground breaking program, The PeaceWalker Project Leadership & Conflict Management Program, not only reveals how to manage a vast spectrum of conflict; more importantly, it teaches how to live, lead, & inspire a more empowered life. Through a cutting-edge, activity-based learning approac,h the PeaceWalker skills can be absorbed much more effectively than through traditional teaching styles. The benefit of this is that the participants can learn how to effectively use and teach the PeaceWalker Program in an amazingly short period of time.

Craig has taught hundreds of seminars and workshops throughout the United States. Over the past two decades, he has addressed numerous private and government organizations on leadership & empowerment skills and defensive tactics. His presentations are interactive, informative, and entertaining. His business, teaching, and real-world experiences (as well as an extensive background in martial arts) give him a unique and interesting perspective to share in his presentations.